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Below is a list of projects I've made. Links to the web applications and GitHub source code.

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Shaquille O'Neil's Hall of Shame

C# console app where you play as Shaq to collect your 4 championship rings and defeat the witch to save your legacy.

Alfredo's Pet Store

A store front website inspired by my resucue, Alfredo. 2 tier web app, connected to a database that also implements identity samples for admin CRUD functionality.

Fed1 Studio Project

Scratch Golf School

A small business site. Had to follow certain requirments for the layout. I chose to mock mine after a golf school aiming to help people lower their golf scores.

Sith University

Sith University

A secure application for managing product data. Application is built to simulate an online class scheduling system Administrators will have the ability to manage students, courses, scheduled classes, and enrollments.